All You Have To Do is Fly

All you have to do is fly

Jama Masjid | Delhi, India


“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly”


25 replies to “All You Have To Do is Fly

  1. How I love the quote and this image. It conveys a sense of joy, I want to fly with them ! Very beautiful Uday !

  2. Paint my love, you should paint my love….
    It’s the picture of a thousand sunsets….
    It’s the freedom of a thousand doves….

  3. beautiful photo and quote!! I find the background also very interesting… it’s a charming magical different world… and you have captured it so well…

  4. Thank goodness Uday – was beginning to wonder if we’d EVER see another post. This one is gorgeous and well worth the wait. I do love the quote as well.

  5. I have been waiting for such a long time for a new post on your blog – and you don’t disappoint. It’s another great photograph, so full of energy and cheer pleasure. The colours are amazing. The question now is; do we have to wait just as long for the next addition…

  6. Great timing, great capture. Love how the masjid is in the background – symbolising peace and serenity – and in the front, flock of birds going in all directions. Chaos amidst the calm, or should I say calm amidst the chaos :)

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