A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World

New Delhi, India

The death toll has crossed 600 in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The bombs have spared none. Children are being deprived of their right to live, grow and enjoy a bright future.


   “Let’s make our world the most beautiful home
Where everyone can live and breathe and they can easily roam.”


In hope of a beautiful world. Not just for some, but for everyone.

22 replies to “A Beautiful World

  1. Uday-there is something so calming about this image-it is almost as if I can *hear* the bangles on her arm click as she brushes her hands through the flowers. A beautiful and most serene photograph-I have missed seeing your work!

  2. As always Uday, the scene is thought provoking. Will the world ever i wonder reach out with such a touch of serenity and heal the madness?

  3. Beautiful picture Uday and sentiments too. Your photography never disappoints!
    I don’t know if you’ve seen the horrifying pictures on social media (we’re not being shown on our mainstream media) of the brutality being inflicted on the Palestinian people. Each time I see the mutilated dead bodies of those small children my heart breaks in two. There have been hundreds of thousands of people on the streets protesting in London outside the Israeli embassy and our parliament; our shameful BBC news won’t show it.
    God help the Palestinians…

  4. Wonderful caption Uday – so rightly said! Beautiful shot too, the contrast in the colours is stunning. We sure need to start appreciating the world together as one.

  5. A beautiful composition that perfectly complements your thought. We need to be more tolerant to make this world beautiful for all.

  6. This is such a touching shot, Uday. Love the vivid colour that shines through, the vivid and uplifting colours of nature. So apt to go along with your words. All of us can enjoy the beauty and love in this world if we were a little kinder and softer to each other. The world would then be such a peaceful place.

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