Good Things Come to Him Who Waits

Good Things Come to Him Who Waits

A boatman waiting for passengers on the banks of river Ganges. 

Varanasi, India

39 replies to “Good Things Come to Him Who Waits

  1. what an apt title …
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  2. Wonderful framing, and I love how you can see the texture of wood on the boat. The background is lovely, with those tiny people, buildings and some boats. Great atmosphere in this photo. And the waiting is expressed so well.

  3. Oh wow, I’ve fallen in love with this photo ! How so very beautiful… The ambiance and the light are wonderful. This photo is simply perfect :)
    And the title you chose is so true.
    Have a beautiful weekend Uday ! :)

  4. Like the way the subject is sharply focused in the foreground and the background fades away; the mighty Ganges adds it’s depth of dimension. I think here in a metaphorical sense of crossing rivers, River Stix…

  5. Varanasi is one place that I desperately want to visit,,, The image speaks a lot about the ultimate journey to paradise and that person is awaiting for his moments before it begins….the blues are just cool!!!

  6. Like the others have said, this is an amazing shot, Uday. It comes across as very pensive and peaceful at the same time. Light in the left side, and more of darkness the the right. The man of the boat certainly looks thoughtful, as if pondering about what lies ahead for him – could go his way, or it might not. But in line with your caption, he is probably wondering who will come on his boat next and what the few hours with them will be like :)

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