Juhu Beach | Mumbai, India

31 replies to “Abandoned

  1. Wonderful capture, Uday. The lighting is perfect and the object stands out of the image. The composition of the feet provide a true sense of feeling abandoned. Great shot!

  2. Your photos are always so strong and convey so much. This one speaks of many things to me. The first thing that come to mind when I see this photo is our overconsumption societies. And strangely, the other thing is the indifference to the suffering of other people. It has probably to do with the title but more of how people pass by this object and don’t seem to care and also the fact that the object is a face.
    Your photos always tell a story, very well done Uday ! Have a wonderful week end ahead :)

  3. What a great shot Uday! I love the low angle you’ve photographed it from, the clear water and stones make a wonderful background. As do also the people and their shadows. Wonderfully captured!

  4. Very true….the abandoning of our culture and respect towards woman is increasing day by day with rapes and protest hitting the news everyday…..this picture wonderfully explains it…..as usual Kudos bro :)

  5. what an amazing image, Uday… that piece of statue really looks abandoned and forlorm especially against the background which suggests so many people around… great story-telling!!

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