It’s a Dog’s Life

It's a Dog's Life

Mumbai, India

31 replies to “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Oh Uday, your photos are so expressive – I absolutely love this shot. That little dog curled up like that amongst all the energy around him. Somehow it makes me feel sad for him. Your photos always speak to me – so nicely done!

  2. Oh no… is he abandoned ? It makes me sad ! I love dogs sooooo much !
    You’re so good at taking photos that reach to our deepest emotions. I instantly felt sadness when I saw this photo.
    I so love your photography !

  3. Well seen and captured. It’s quite a contrast between the sleeping and apparently peaceful dog and all the commotion around on the train station. Good use of long exposure time to capture the hurrying commuters.

  4. Wonderful photo! The slow shutter speed allows the focus to be on the dog rather than the surrounding people. Amazing!!

  5. ha ha ha :D man! the irony in the picture is just awesome…. ha ha ha :D i just cant stop laughing about our handle towards life…..super awesome tagline for a brilliant picture!!!

  6. Slice of Life? Really? Dexter fan huh? If yes, add to me to the list (Big Fan!!) :) Very well suited title for a wonderful photo blog which teaches and inspires me every time I visit :)

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