Varanasi, India

34 replies to “Ascetic

  1. Superb lighting and portrayal of subject. As always, Uday you make us think on the subject – who is this man? One is attracted to his inner calm and contemplative expression. A wonderful portrait – beautifully executed.

  2. Uday such a powerfull portrait. .. can’t keep my off. .. can feel the great effort u put in. .. to take this portrait to the desired level.

  3. That is one amazing portrait Uday. You always succeed in bringing out the personality of your models, they are always full of character and their expressions conveys a lot. Superb Uday !

  4. and let me add that I have personally missed your great work Uday. This last photo illustrates your “exceptional” capacity to capture your subject in just the right light and/or setting.

  5. Great expression.

    But as I think of the term ‘Ascetic’, I wonder what is it that makes one so? Is it that spirit of renunciation of all that is worldly? Or is it that need to be ‘one’ with the Universe?

    As you choose, could you see if the expression you captured aligns?


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