The Rose Seller

The Rose Seller

New Delhi, India

32 replies to “The Rose Seller

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photograph Uday–there is a real poignancy in viewing the older hands with those lovely, yet slightly spent red roses-the composition, color and processing is topnotch!

  2. Your images are really powerful, you engage with the viewer and make us think! Here the rose, the symbol of love is juxtaposed with a faceless seller who is poverty-stricken? There’s a harsh reality out there! Haunting images…

  3. The hands- unabashedly dark skinned, unkempt, coarse and worn from a life of toil. A life whose worth and beauty is perhaps lost upon the world. In contrast is the delicate assortment of exquisite beauty they clutch. The roses comfortably rest in that grip, almost as if they belong there. The chemistry between those coarse hands and the delicate petals speaks volumes!

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