Camel Herder

Camel Herder

Thar Desert | Rajasthan, India

33 replies to “Camel Herder

  1. You are amazing Uday. What a terrific capture. The perspective on the size of the boy vs the camel head, and both of their expressions. Just wonderful in every way. I so look forward to seeing what you come up with on each post!

  2. lovely one. agree with tina’s comment above… the perspective and expressions are lovely. like the sky behind too. rajasthan tends to have such clear skies, its gorgeous…

  3. What a wonderful shot Uday! I really love your photos. They all have some hearty, kind, loving factor in them that is hard to explain exactly. The subjects of your photos are very likable and I think it reflects your personality :)

  4. Uday-this is fantastic! I love the colors and the expressions-the boy looks a bit puzzled but his friend looks like he is enjoying his chance to be recognized. Your work continues to amaze and inspire-

  5. What an amazing picture. Despite the fact that I like camels I think it is brilliantly composed with the boy being nearly as big as the camel’s head.
    And the expression on their faces was very well taken – it gives the picture some additional narrative depth.

  6. These two faces are priceless. A beautiful child with the most expressive eyes :) and the camel.. what can I say – what a character! :D

  7. Did you ever thought of sending your photos to National Geograhic or the equivalent magazine in your country ? I’m sure they would love your photography ! This photo is superb !

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