If Eyes Could Speak

A Hint of a Smile

New Delhi, India

40 replies to “If Eyes Could Speak

  1. what eyes!! where is this? why is her face so dirty? the dirt on her face makes the whiteness of her eyes stand out even more starkly…

  2. You have such a huge talent for portrait photography. You succeed in capturing the true essence of the people you photograph. This photo is really superb, just look at these eyes !

  3. a boy, street wise and mature for his years; too much has he seen of life to forget and regain his childhood. bright eyes still sparkle with plenty of love
    brilliant photograph Uday taken with patience and care and love
    peace, Eddie

  4. Ohhhh, that face! Such a powerful image. It pulls on so many emotions and draws all curiosity out of me. Really fabulous! Blessings to you Uday! Robyn

  5. I love this shot. It reminds me of the children who used to knock on my car window every day on my way to work in Delhi begging for money … with that lost look of driven survival. It was a big shock to me coming from neat and tidy Australia, where begging is virtually non-existent and left a mark that keeps my eyes wide open today. Love this shot.

  6. I think this is a beautifully captured photograph. I have to say I think the processing has let the photo down a bit, as the whites of the eyes look unnatural – just too white. I think the eyes are strong enough that there’s no need to push that up so far, but I guess everything is personal preference. But I still have to commend you on the photo itself, it really is a great capture.

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