New Delhi, India

17 replies to “Siesta

  1. I get the feeling that your compositions are carefully composed Uday,…. guessing that the facelessness adds to the impersonal life on the streets? There’s a grittiness about the scene, it looks like a tough place to make a living. The set of scales, a metaphorical statement. I’m curious to know what he’s selling? The scene draws the viewer… documentary, rather than just another street scene.

  2. This is a wonderful image Uday-I think one of your best-what I like about not seeing the face is that it suggests this could be any one of us taking a break from the world the best way we can-I also agree with Tina and Nature-your photography shows a great deal of thought to your composition and statement. Well done my friend!

  3. Amazing Uday :) The stone textured background and the autenticity of India all over the place is beautifully captured! The way that you make the viewers think about what the man’s feelings are wonderful. Awesome as always !!!

  4. Wonderful Photo, simply stunning. The fact that the subjects face is hidden leaves the reader wanting to know more. We begin to engage and focus more due to the ambiguity. Great edit too!

  5. I love photos that tells a story and you are so good at this kind of photography ! A great photo Uday !

  6. What a telling story. The gritty and grainy expression enhances the sadness the picture tells. Despite showing some of the grimness of world, you still approach your subject with respect. Which only makes the photo even stronger.

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