Drifting Into Oblivion

Drifting Into Oblivion

New Delhi, India

34 replies to “Drifting Into Oblivion

  1. Subtle; the play of light against dark draws the eye in….. to me that Macbeth quote…. ‘is this a dagger before my eyes’ popped up as the smoke swirls left into a mysterious shape!

  2. hahahhahah………..love the comments that this picture has received……..so intellectual :P:P

  3. Beautiful depth of field, the smoke captured looks so refined and delicate. Great photograph and technque. The movement is also subtle yet absorbed.

  4. Wow! Love it! Fantastic Bokeh Uday and I love how you captured the patterns of the smoke. Really lovely! :)

  5. i was so captivated that i couldn’t tear my gaze away from this shot for quite sometime…..

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